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Seasonal Subscriptions

The goal with the subscriptions is to make it easier for you to enjoy beautiful, fresh, local flowers without the guesswork or extra time running to the store to pick up a bouquet. You pick your subscription type and I bring you beautiful blooms direct to your home, office, or to a friend or family member every month! The subscriptions are seasonally focused and typically run between April - September (depending on Mother Nature of course!)

To be mindful of our environmental impact and minimize waste, let's reuse our vases and wrap our bouquets in paper. We will pick up your (unwashed) vases at your next delivery!

We also offer weekly "drops" of whatever is freshest from the garden that week! Available bouquets are posted on Tuesdays & Thursdays, with pickups on Fridays in San Luis Obispo. First come, first served. See our Instagram for this option (and to see more of my work!) and claim your bundles weekly! 

Our 2024 Subscription is LIVE! 


In my goal to use more seasonal and local flowers in my business, I designed a flower subscription that would focus on the beautiful blooms each season brings. I want to make it easy for you to have access to these flowers and have them delivered to you, the second Friday of the month, during peak flower season. 


I also want to offer multiple options so you can choose what's right for you! Each option has a minimum number of stems. Here is what I've come up with:


The Poppy: Named after California's state flower, this sweet arrangement is the smallest offering. Expect a small sized arrangement but with a big impact! These arrangements will include a minimum of 15 stems of flowers.


The Sage: A key host for many pollinators, the Sage is the medium option for subscriptions with a minimum of 25 stems of flowers. This is the most popular option! 


The Manzanita: an iconic tree with over 40 unique species in California, the Manzanita is the deluxe option for the flower subscription with at least 40 stems.


Each subscription is a bundle, where you pay once for 6 months of flowers and includes delivery from Morro Bay to Arroyo Grande and everywhere in between. The pricing is as follows:


The Poppy Wrapped Bouquet Subscription - $300 or $50/bouquet

The Poppy Vase Arrangement Subscription - $360 or $60/arrangement


The Sage Wrapped Bouquet Subscription - $420 or $70/bouquet

The Sage Vase Arrangement Subscription - $480 or $80/arrangement


The Manzanita Wrapped Bouquet Subscription - $660 or $110/bouquet

The Manzanita Vase Arrangement Subscription - $720 or $120/arrangement


As always I am so grateful for your support and for loving local and seasonal blooms as much as I do! If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out via email or phone, I would love to answer them! 


To get your subscription started, please fill out the Sign Up form below so we can talk more flowers and nail down the details :)


Hoping you're having a great spring and talk soon!

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